Hogwarts Legacy cross-play functionality, explained

Hogwarts Legacy Cross-Play Explained

This is a lonely journey into the unknown

Hogwarts Legacy features an expansive open world environment for players to explore around the titular Hogwarts school and its Scottish Highlands region. As a massive action RPG experience about attending school with other wizards and witches, does it have cross-play, too?

Is Hogwarts Legacy cross-play or cross-platform?

The short answer is, no, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have cross-play or cross-platform functionality associated with it. This is purely a singleplayer experience, so you won’t find the option to play with other friends online and explore Hogwarts Castle with them.

As fun as that sounds, it isn’t possible at this time. If you play Hogwarts Legacy, be prepared to head into open world and explore it by yourself. There won’t be the option to connect with users across other platforms like PS5 with Xbox Series X/S and PC.

This is not an MMO or online multiplayer experience. It is meant to be entirely a singleplayer game from start to finish. There is also no cross-platform functionality, either. Unfortunately, whatever platform you start on, is the one you need to stick to.

If you begin the game on PS5, your save file will only work there. You aren’t able to transfer your file to PC and vice versa. So, you should think carefully about if you want to play on a TV, on-the-go on your Steam Deck, etc.

That said, you can play on different computers or PS5 systems, if necessary, through the power of cloud-saving. This is so long as you log into your original account.

There is no online multiplayer functionality

To be clear, there is no online multiplayer functionality in the slightest in Hogwarts Legacy. Not even for online leaderboards or the like. In fact, the only reason you need an internet connection in the first place is to connect your WB Games accounts together to access the DLC content.

And also for the Steam users who will need to go through the initial anti-cheat check via Denuvo and download the day one patch. Other than that, though, there is no need for an internet connection.

There is also no news of online multiplayer coming to Hogwarts Legacy in the future. While it would be absolutely fantastic to explore the open world alongside a friend or three, the game is going to be a lonely magical adventure for the time being.

Perhaps that could change in future DLC or a possible sequel, but that remains to be seen for now.

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