HMV’s box art for Manhunt 2 is stuffed with Vitamin Win

Hoo boy, slow news day today, huh? On a dull and lifeless Sunday such as this, what better way can we spend our overly abundant sabbath time than by laughing at the expense of that pudstick, Jack Thompson? HMV have the right idea, as this triumphant exclusive box art for Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 shows.

Perhaps it could be a replacement for those “editor’s choice” logos that get plastered on game cases? “This game is 100% disapproved by Jack Thompson.” If ever there was a reason to buy Manhunt 2 when it’s released, fuelling Thompson’s burning, sexually frustrated rage would definitely be it. 

Oh Jack Thompson, you do make us laugh. That is when we’re not questioning the creepiness of a middle aged man who spends all his time thinking about what adolescent boys get up to in their bedrooms.

[Thanks to Luke for taking the shot and sending it in] 

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