HL2 mod Post Script is about exploration, the apocalypse

I am currently of two minds about Post Script, an exploration-based episodic mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. You can get the mod here.

Mind number one says, “this is great — it’s an atmospheric exploration-based game where, not unlike Small Worlds, the player isn’t strung along with pointless trinkets or combat.” Mind number two wishes the text-based narrative were gone, or at least less on-the-nose, so the player would have to work harder to figure out exactly what each of the locations meant.

Then the first mind wants to know how the hell anyone could call the story “on-the-nose,” because neither minds know what the heck is going on in this first episode, and only one of them thinks things will get clearer in subsequent installments. The other mind thinks Post Script plays like Diet Dear Esther, and wishes he could have explored the inside of the church. The first mind thinks the second mind is stupid.

Regardless of my own schizophrenic ambivalence regarding the thing, Post Script is definitely worth checking out for those who are into unconventional games.

Anthony Burch