Hitman: Blood Money – again

Like we told you before the Hitman: Blood Money demo is out and you can trust me on that. This game is awesome. It’s epic, it’s full of action, it has a brilliant soundtrack and it’s just freakin cool. You have to get your hands on it or you’ll miss an important piece in gaming history(maybe I’m overreacting a bit).hitman: blood money - 01Here is your schedule:Go and watch the whole first ten minutes of this game here. If you are still doubtful you can download the demo here and play it by yourself.Still unconvinced? Here is a short video showing how cool this game can be(if you want):And even “performance problems” isn’t an excuse cause eidos seem to release patches in a weekly cyclus. Just yesterday, they released the 1.2 patch here.Now go play that game and remember this equation:Hitman -> teh pwnps: I didn’t get paid for this