Hit up our Twitter and win a free copy of Galactrix!

You know what’s pretty much the best thing in the world? Free stuff. In fact, the only way you can improve on free stuff is free stuff you win FAST. Instant gratification. That’s why Destructoid has decided to use the world’s most popular instant social networking system to give away swag — and in fact, we’re going to try to do it once EVERY Friday. Wrap your head around that, if you will.

This Friday, we’ll kick it all off by giving away four free Xbox 360 codes for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix through our Dtoid Twitter account. We will announce that we are ready to give one away four times during the day on Friday (times unspecified, of course — you’ll just have to watch and wait!). When we announce we have one to give, reply in message and say “I want it!”. The first person to reply will win a code and we’ll send it your way immediately via a direct message. You get a free game within a matter of minutes. Easy as that. Good luck!

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