Hit the lights: First details on Guitar Hero: Metallica emerge

ScoreHero has the first details on Activision’s upcoming standalone title, Guitar Hero: Metallica, and are you sitting down? It features the music of Metallica. No s**t.

Lame sarcasm aside, the package is an obvious mix of content, with a few surprises. For one, the game will feature a new difficulty for drums called “Expert Plus,” which is being designed especially for people with a splitter and two kick pedals. Also on the drum tip, the game will offer up a new mode (or a “cheat” as ScoreHero calls it) in which you’ll be able to play freestyle drums using Metallica drum sounds (which can sound like anything from pots and pans to Civil War cannons, I suppose). 

The game will feature World Tour‘s create-a-song feature GHTunes, as well, with new tones from James Hetfield’s ESP Truckers guitars to Tom Araya’s (from Slayer) ESP Bass sound. 

Like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, the game will feature a lot of goodies for fans including DVD-style content like photos, set lists, fan videos, rare live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage. Fans of VH1’s “Pop Up Video” will want to check out “Metallifacts,” which lets you watch performance with overlaid trivia pop-ups. 

As for the soundtrack, so far it’s looking like a dream for fans of metal. Metallica tracks like “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “Master of Puppets,” and “Enter Sandman” have been confirmed. Also like GH: Aerosmith, music from artists who have inspired (or been inspired by) Metallica will be included, with tracks by Judas Priest, Samhain, Slayer, and … Queen. 

Confirmed song listing after the jump.

Confirmed Metallica tracks:

  • “Enter Sandman”
  • “For Whom The Bell Tolls”
  • “Fuel”
  • “Hit The Lights”
  • “King Nothing”
  • “Master of Puppets”
  • “No Leaf Clover”
  • “Nothing Else Matters”
  • “Sad But True”
  • “The Unforgiven”
  • “Wherever I May Roam”  

Other artist’s tracks:

  • Alice In Chains – “No Excuses”
  • Bob Seger – “Turn The Page”
  • Judas Priest – “Hell Bent For Leather”
  • Kyuss – “Demon Cleaner”
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Tuesdays Gone”
  • Mastodon – “Blood and Thunder”
  • Michael Schenker Group – “Armed and Ready”
  • Samhain – “Mother of Mercy”
  • The Sword – “Black River”

Other confirmed artists include Foo Fighters, Queen, and Slayer.

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