Historical RPG Expeditions: Viking announced

Historical means no horned helmets!

Expeditions: Conquistador by Logic Artists is a great, and difficult, tactical RPG. So naturally, when I heard that another game is being made in the same vein, I immediately became excited. Expeditions: Viking has been annouced, and there’s a trailer to celebrate. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but Logic Artists has mentioned turn-based combat, so players can expect gameplay similar to Conquistador.

Logic Artists has implemented some of the feedback from the first game into Viking. The player-created character will now actually exist in the game world, instead of being an invisible omnipresence who only showed up when important decisions were to be made. The player’s village will also be upgradeable this time around, and over-world travel will be unrestricted and not adhere to any sort of grid. 

All of these improvements sound wonderful and come alongside the promise of “deeper and more dynamic systems” for the core mechanics. Considering the development team is located in Denmark, this is a topic that is close to home for them and I can only hope their passion comes through in the game itself.

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