Histamine blocker: Radio Allergy for the GameCube canned

It appears that the GameCube version of the much delayed quirky vertical scrolling shooter, Radio Allergy, has been given its walking papers.

In a recent post on O3 Entertainment’s official boards, the fate of Radio Allergy for the GameCube has been confirmed — it’s been canceled. After a number of delays (including one that promised full 480p/progressive scan support), Milestone Inc. (the game’s developer) has finally pulled the plug on the project, citing the fact that “retailers are no longer interested in stocking GameCube titles.” Hey, guys — that happened months ago; where have you been?

North American fans who were amped about finally seeing the game on their shores (Japan has seen it in the arcade, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and GameCube) can rest easy. Hackneyed, tacked-on waggle controls just might be in the future — Milestone are looking to include the game in a future Wii compilation disc.

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