Hipster fashion chronicles Nintendo family tree [Update!]

Nothing says “I dropped out of college to pursue a career as an Internet comedian” better than wearing a gorgeous gaming shirt, like the one pictured above. This particular shirt combines both the retro and the neo-post-whatever into one stunning monochrome package, for an elegant look that will impress both future employers (if your goal is to work at Barcade) and beautiful women (who also happen to be dudes) alike.

Gaming shirts have become so commonplace recently that you can’t swing a dead cat in the Pearl district without hitting a gangly ex-member of The Postal Service wearing a shirt that proudly proclaims his love for Donkey Kong Jr. Math, but sometimes, a shirt comes along that you really feel you have to share with the world. As you all know, Destructoid is the robotic Mr. Blackwell of the gaming world, and this shirt meets our approval. We’ve already ordered one in size XX-Robot.

Big ups to NerdyShirts.com for creating this shirt, and I also want to thank Myke for sending in the tip on this. Myke, we’ll write your name in Sharpie all over Brian Crecente’s face the next time he passes out at one of our parties. 

[UPDATE: This shirt is selling like, um, something … that, um … sells really fast and it is currently sold out, but we’ve been assured that they are on order and a new shipment is forthcoming posthaste for all your ordering needs.] 

Earnest Cavalli
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