Hildibrand will return in Final Fantasy XIV’s latest patch as fans anxiously await Eureka

4.25 will give us a few things to do

Right now I’m still working my way through God Kefka in Final Fantasy XIV, but with Patch 4.25 I’ll have even more to do on non-raid days.

Arriving on Tuesday March 13, the patch will see the return of fan-favorite Hildibrand — who I must stress was such a favorite that Square Enix decided to include him more than they were even planning to — as well as the arrival of The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos, colloquailly referred to as “Eureka.”

For those of you who are new to the game, Final Fantasy XIV has always offered a “relic” questline, which allows players to power-up weapons over time even if they don’t raid. It’s a slow-going process (excruciatingly long in some cases) that iterates over time, granting new quests for new item level boosts. Eureka not only boasts items outside of weapons, but a more fun methodology for grinding up gear.

In short, it’s basically Diadem 2.0. Back in the last expansion Diadem was an open world mission zone of sorts that showed some promise, but due to the consistent lack of rewards players quickly abandoned it. Square Enix is trying again, hoping to really nail that sandbox feel with rewarding loot. Some fans are already noting the low item levels in various screens from the production crew though, and are worried that a lot of the playerbase won’t even bother with Eureka, repeating history.

We’ll see soon enough for ourselves in a few weeks!

Patch 4.25 the Forbidden Land, Eureka and Hildibrand Preview [Final Fantasy XIV]

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