Hilarious Fortnite bug shrinks some players who use the leprechaun skin


Fortnite has been packing more cosmetics in as they’ve rapidly increased in popularity these past few months, and that means more potential for bugs.

As vigilant as Epic Games has been and as quick as they are about hotfixing things some exploits slip through the cracks, including this amazingly old school bug that one team member thought was intentional at first.

Found by way of popular streamer Ninja, it seems like some players who use the leprechaun skin have a shrunken character model, giving them a tiny (ha) bit of an advantage. This bug caught Ninja off guard live on stream, and even though he was able to swiftly dispatch them, it was still a pretty amazing and puzzling sight to behold.

Epic’s Nick Chester caught wind of the bug, and had to do a double-take — thinking it was intentional at first — before reporting it as a bug. Was it though? Or was it a loving homage to Oddjob that snuck in at the last second before deployment by a cheeky developer? Either way it’s hilarious.

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