Highlights from the Destructoid Community 06/15/08

This week’s gaming room belongs to Microsoft’s secret cyborg spy, pinksage. She was in the moving process when this blog was posted (I’m going in order of dates of when game room blogs are posted, in case you’re wondering) so there’s still a ton of stuff she needs to put on display. I’m looking forward to the sneaker display. Check out more pictures on her C Blog.

A bunch of Dtoiders celebrate their birthdays, .tiff predicts Web 3.0, Teta draws some Colette, wardrox shows off his new “TV”,  Chris Furniss is planning a pre-PAX party, Justice makes some sw33t wallpapers, and much more happened this past week in the Destructoid community. 

Lots of birthdays took place this past week in Dtoid land. free touch celebrated his on the ninth and mentioned some of the gifts he’s received. Can’t wait to see more of your custom works, free touch!

.tiff is the master of the Internets. Her day job requires her to spend time surfing the world of Web 2.0. All of this time spent Interneting has inspired her to predict what Web 3.0 shall be like. Smoke machines, holographic dinosaurs, and more will be part of our future 3.0 Internet world. Prepare for the inevitable. 

Teta draws some Colettes. Teta, as always, awesome work. Keep them coming.
Next up on the birthday wish list is brainderailment. He celebrated his birthday on the tenth and shared with us his vision of a better Xbox 360.
braulio09 is in love with Ron Workman.  
The crew over at Awesome Video Games dropped by and let us know that they love Destructoid. Awesome Video Games is a videogame show in the style of old ’80s cheesy shows. They also dropped a video in their blog about the Game Genie.   
SchickOuttaShape and Scary Womanizing Pig Mask have teamed up and both put together a couple of well written pieces based on the first two Sonic Adventure games on the Dreamcast. SchickOuttaShape talks about Sonic Adventure 1 and SWPM talks about Sonic Adventure 2.
My favorite blog of the week was by wardrox about his lack of a TV. Wardrox’s roommate took away the TV, but instead of letting that prevent him from playing videogames, he found a way to keep playing. It’s only one frame per two hours, but it’s something at least.
File this under extremely adorable. craineum wrote up his Monthly Musing piece, but it was a little bit too short for a promotion. It still deserves a mention here at least because the aaaawwwwww factor is through the roof. craineum talks about his childhood with gaming and how it has come full circle with his son and how he’s getting him into videogames.  
LarkOhiya noticed this guy in a computer ad looked like a few community members here. See if you notice the similarities too. 
aborto thefetus gives us an update on all who are attending the San Diego Comic Con. If you’re planning on going, get in touch with me or aborto so we can get some plans going (i.e. getting beer off drunk). 
Happy birthday to Theplanman! Theplanman celebrated by getting himself a PS3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. X is now O and O is now X. Oops, spoiler. 
The hunky Chris Furniss is throwing a pre-PAX party at his pad Thursday night. I along with the rest of team Dtoid will be attending. Will you? Also, I’m starting to think I should come in on Wednesday now instead of Thursday … 
This has to be my favorite A Weird Kid’s Top 10 yet. Mostly because of how damn random it is. Excremento found a bunch of games he forgot about during his move and listed off his favorites. 
SilverDragon1979 is a genius. He has come up with the greatest first-person shooter concept ever. It’s called Halo-Life: Call of TurokShock and the basic plot is this: You kill Nazis that ride dinosaurs that came through a rift to another dimension that was opened up during a science experiment in an underwater city on Halo. And you have a Spork as a weapon. Awesome.  
BlindsideDork is planning for the next MAGFest taking place in January. Pre-registration has just started and plenty of Dtoiders will be in attendance.    
Justice is a justified badass. He created the above Zero Wing meets Destructoid piece and it’s just so full of win. There’s another version of it that you can snag on his C Blog and I’ll get different resolutions up on the Destructoid Wallpaper page as soon I get the different sizes from Justice.  
Phist went to the New York City Metal Gear Solid 4 event and meet with Hideo Kojima. Truly an epic experience, no doubt. Phist even had Hideo sign a copy of the original Metal Gear. So awesome. 
soul3150 has come up with a new chick hotness scale inspired by Mario Kart. So in example, pheonix-blood is a Special Cup (this scale does not include the new Cup classes from Mario Kart Wii, of course).
thelowestpartisfree, you lucky lucky lucky son of a gun. He bought a box of old school systems and games for only $40. This box had plenty of rare stuff, including Earthbound. Which, by the way, can fetch $100 by itself. Lucky lucky lucky!
Finally, Happy birthday shoutouts go to Sharpless, Virtualgirl and TurboHyperFighting

Hamza Aziz