Highlights from the Destructoid Community 04/21/08

Today’s game room belongs to LongDeth and his oversized avatar. He has a giant collection including the crowning piece of an arcade cabinet, which he only bought for 20 bucks! He has four Nintendos and two Super Nintendos (FC Twin console) and pretty much a little of everything really. Check out his blog for more pictures.

Hit the jump to check out the highlights from your fellow bloggers. You’ll find laughs, embarrassing videos and a sexy picture of Princess Peach if you do!

Agent MOO revealed his next set of characters for his Maximum Overdeath game. The four new characters are the stars of RetroForceGO! and each one are modeled to show off their favorite things. Be sure to play as Chad as it’s hilarious everytime Chad dies.

Happy Birthday, Teta! Here’s some more tits for you: (.) (.) 

ElfAngel7 has an awesome girlfriend. She made him a Wii cake plus a No More Heroes box art cake too. Damn that looks yummy.

Oh ho ho. naia-the-gamer, not to be confused with naia-the-not-gamer, will be testing out Puzzle Quest. It’s always reassuring knowing a fan of a series is going to lend a helping hand in that particular product’s development. 

Oh God, not again! Excremento is working on another Top 100 List. This one is going to be on the top 100 videogame icons of all time and he needs your help figuring out who belongs in the list. Go make your suggestions. 

Hey look, Jim Sterling designed a Halo 3 map. How cute


Mandi shows off her Bombermans. What do yours look like? 

A New Challenger is a giant Capcom fan. Seriously, just take a look at all of the Street Fighter games and similar fighting games he has in his collection.  

MATTFOO, as you know, just won our latest mega PC giveaway. MATTFOO also just celebrated his 19th birthday too. He got a Dreamcast and a frosted cake arm among some other awesomeness. 

Holy crap, Rorschach, you stumbled upon something amazing. He found a program that lets him make superheroes! His blog got a lot of custom heroes, but we’re always looking for more. Go make your very own hero! 

Alright, Foe, keep this up and you’ll eventually get featured on Art Attack Friday. And yes, Princess Peach is still a cockteasing bitch. 

Whoa, Ceark made a post that wasn’t about the C-Blogs and recaps. He talks a lot about stuff. He cooked something I think. Oh, and boobs. 

I think any of you will ever understand how I felt when I walked into my room in Cancun and there was Jim Sterling singing the theme to Superstar Jesus. That video still needs to make the light of day, but until then, here’s Jim and Husky Hog getting hammered like crazy. Good times.

SHARK CHAIRRRRSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re like me and are questioning purchasing the new Halo 3 Legendary Maps, then take a look at vexed alex’s write-up on the maps. I play with Alex almost every FNF and I can vouch for him that you should trust what he has to say. I’m, however, still not wasting my monies on them.

Oh crap, I think I have a new series that I’m going to love from the C-Blogs. Mandril just did his first write-up on artistic games. The series is called Neglected Perspective, and for his first entry, he takes a look at line and color in videogames. Great read.  

Oh snap! HarassmentPanda gets low and beaten by a girl! Boy, you need to learn some dancing skills.  
Conrad Zimmerman earlier in the week hyped up a new feature from him. What did he reveal? A write up on Captain N. Gee, thanks for that trip down horrible memory lane. I kid, I kid. Death By Cartoon will see Conrad giving an analysis of every episode of Captain N until he’s either down with the series or he’s killed himself. Good luck with that. 
Oh would you look at that! Knives got some small video of Jim singing the Jesus Christ Superstar theme. Seriously, you had to have been there.  
DaedHead8 had a little accident. He went to the store to buy some new sneakers and instead came out with a brand new PSP, accessories, and four new PSP games. I can see how he confused shoes with a PSP. Almost. 
Dale North doesn’t like the camera. Dale North can also dance really well.  
Well, Nintendo, this is a very interesting ad you got here. It also doesn’t surprise me that atheistium noticed this. She’s such a perv. 

Finally, let’s wrap things up with Teta as he draws some Destructoid.  

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