Highlander game canceled. There was a Highlander game?

Ready for this? We’re about to jump back 2 million internet years (about three normal years) to January of 2008 when we got our first look at Eidos’s in development game based on the Highlander franchise. *wavey fingers* And we’re here.

OK, now come back to now. The game, which was headed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, has been canceled by the folks at Square Enix who now own Eidos. I’m sure we’re all reeling right not from this news so I’m just going to let it sink in. Are we better? Tears cleaned up?

No one actually remembered this game existed, did they? Who knows what prompted IGN to ask about it, but other than the fact that WideScreen Games is no longer working on the title and that it has officially been canceled Square Enix isn’t giving any details. Probably because they know no one actually cares at this point.

Highlander: The Game Canceled [IGN, via BigDownload]


Matthew Razak