High Velocity Bowling gets yet another patch, more add-ons

I still think it’s incredible that the PlayStation Network bowling title High Velocity Bowling is still being supported after all this time. The game was released in late 2007, it’s 2009 and they’re still releasing patches and update packs… so here’s your latest.

The latest game patch resolves network stability issues, allows you to play background music while not signed into PSN, and “more than 1 additional costume is now allowed especially in Online Head to Head.” Whatever that last one means.

Also available are two new characters packs, Mexican wrestler don Carlos ‘El Gordo’ Caliente and Milan ‘Princess’ Travellage. Each comes with a matching lane, and will run you 99 cents a piece. Then there’s the ball packs — the Tiki Polynesian Ball Pack and the 60s Surf Ball Pack — also available for 99 cents each.

If all (or most) of the updates were free, I’d say High Velocity Bowling was the Burnout Paradise of bowling games, as if the world needed that. But even at a small premium, it’s impressive this game still continues to live and be somewhat relevant. Is there anyone still playing this one out there?

[Thanks, Gantz!]

Nick Chester