High Strangeness sold better on Wii U than Steam

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Two Sunday’s ago on Sup Holmes we welcomed Ben “AgentMOO” Shostak to the program to talk about his work in game development, his XBLIG success AMMO, and his more recent Wii U and Steam release High Strangeness. We also learned a little about Ben’s next project, which is planned to be an expansive and detailed 2D exploration title. 

As exciting as that all sounds, the biggest surprise of this episode was probably then news that High Strangeness sold “much better” on the Wii U than on Steam. The same thing is reportedly true for Elliot Quest, a relatively recently 2D action/exploration indie release that also works as a tribute to classic Zelda games. As Electronic Super Joy creator Michael Todd recently told us, creating titles for less crowded markets seems to be one of the wiser decisions that a small developer can make these days. While the chance of a huge success on Steam will probably always be there, smaller online marketplaces like PSN, XBLA, and Nintendo’s eShops have proven to offer a greater probability for front page exposure. 

Thanks again to Ben for appearing on the show, and make sure to tune in today at 4pm EST when we welcome Ditto to the program, live from Stugan!

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