Hideo Kojima has a YouTube show now

Here’s his top 10 2015 movie list

Hideo Kojima, finally free from the clutches of his previous publisher, has started a YouTube show called HideoTube, which I fully expect it to be hidden inside all of his upcoming games. In the first episode he talks about his top 10 movies of 2015, which is basically all I could ever ask for in an inaugural episode. Kojima has always been upfront about where he’s gotten his Metal Gear influences from, and hearing him talk about film is a real treat.

I mean, this is a pretty amazing list overall. So many of these were damn good films (I still need to see The Intern, as even Tarantino gave it high praise recently), but I’m really surprised (and happy) that Kojima has Locke in at number four. A highly unconventional film, Locke is a drama that takes place entirely in a car, with Tom Hardy speaking to various people from his life on a speaker phone. That’s the movie. Yet it managed to be one of my favorite Hardy flicks in recent memory. It’s a tad older for most of us, but it’s on his 2015 list as it was released in Japan last year.

Other choices are just as good, like Kingsman (which was far better than the trailers made it seem), Whiplash (probably the biggest surprise of 2014 for me, also just released in Japan last year), and the token Mad Max: Fury Road. Check out the full list below and feel free to disagree, but it’s a well-rounded list regardless of your tastes, and helps explain why Kojima is so good at what he does — he leaves no stone unturned, and has an open mind towards a wide variety of media.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Fires on the Plain
Straight Outta Compton
The Intern
Shaun the Sheep the Movie
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Mad Max: Fury Road

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