Hi2u Destructoid friends

I’m Marley and I’ll be aiding these robo-folks here to deliver some tasty gaming grooves your way. I’m a female gamer who’s been console hopping ever since I was a wee one, currently spending what time I can spare during my final semester in college playing, thinking, and drooling over games.

By my luck I go to a school with an academic interest in gaming and have thus been able to study games as part of my educational agenda, giving my nerdy-game-brain major GPA cred. While I currently reside in New York I’m a pure-bred California girl (from the YAY area, to be exact) with a penchant for meeting well-known Interweb nerds in RL as mentored by my Silicon Valley heritage.

So yeah. I’m pumped as a robo-brain to be a part of Destructoid and I can’t wait to go karate-crazy with posts. w00t!

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