Hi-Fi Rush gets a Photo Mode in new update today

Hi Fi Rush

Take a picture of your rhythmic beat-downs

The stylish rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush is breaking out the camera. A new update today adds Photo Mode to Hi-Fi Rush, letting players snap shots of their favorite moments and characters.

Xbox Series X|S and PC users can download the update today and start capturing their favorite moments, whether that’s a posed cast shot or an active snap of Chai slamming bots with his guitar. Once the game’s updated, the Photo Mode can be accessed directly through the in-game menu.

What options do you have? Well, it looks like you can use plenty of frames, as well as pose characters and add filters. It’s got the bells and whistles you’d want from a Photo Mode, from the look of it.

That said, it’s a Photo Mode for Hi-Fi Rush, a game that’s all about style and has some excellent character designs. It looks like that thematic drive carries into the photo options too. I love the ability to tool around with color settings and poses, and create some really vibrant screenshots.

Picture rush

Alongside today’s Photo Mode addition, Hi-Fi Rush also issued a patch addressing some issues. This includes some “UE4 Fatal Error” issues that had been popping up, due to various reasons. Some progress blockers and other annoyances have been tuned up too, and even the stick and trigger dead zone calculation has been adjusted.

Hi-Fi Rush was an early and pleasant surprise for 2023, adding onto the pile of projects that have emphasized Game Pass’ strengths. It’s nice to see Tango Gameworks continue to add onto it, and in a way that feels very fitting to what players would still want out of this experience.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter