HHNNNGGGG! Magical Drop F hits PSN tomorrow

I love me some Magical Drop, the Japanese match three puzzle game. I’m not good at it, but I’ve played the game a gazillion times since I first laid hands on it some years ago, and I’ve never stopped loving it. In fact, I still keep a Sega Saturn hooked up mostly so I can play Magical Drop III. Seriously, it’s always in the drive. 

I remember hearing that PlayStation title Magical Drop F was on the Japanese PlayStation Network some time ago. I also remember being really pissed off that the game never came out here. I think this is one of the greatest two-player competitive games ever made, and it just sits there because no one is smart enough to see an opportunity in the west.

Well, MonkeyPaw Games is smart enough. Bringing over the stuff that never comes out here is their game, and we have them to thank for Magical Drop F coming to the US PlayStation Network tomorrow. They’re also bringing Arcade Hits: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, which was known as Suiko Enbu in Japan. This is a classic beat’em-up that they say slipped through the cracks. Both titles come without translations, but as fellow importers already know, none of these great titles needed any work in the first place. Really they just needed someone smart enough to bring them over.

While I’m busy patting MonkeyPaw on the back, let me also thank them for Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed, which are already up on the PSN. They say both have flown off the proverbial shelf. And they have more coming.

And now a plea to you, Destructoid reader: If you’re down with what MonkeyPaw is doing, please buy these releases and show them. They’re doing what someone should have done a long time ago — bringing us the good stuff. I take my hat off to them and vow to buy all the classics they throw my way.

Dale North