Hey, you: Go download Massive Chalice for free on Xbox One

I’m talking to you, Gold subscriber

Yeah, this is a public service announcement, because I am a public servant and it’s my duty to inform you, the public. This isn’t important on the scale of “We’re going to war with Mongolia” or “Kylie Jenner’s shorts are so short they might just be underwear,” but I’ll inform nevertheless.

Double Fine’s Massive Chalice is available on Xbox One now, and it’s free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Everyone else gets to shell out $20, a Jackson for the turn-based strategy game. If I wrote for one of those life hack sites that hacks write for, I’d tell you to buy one month of Gold if you just want the game, because that’s only $8 or so; however, then you only get it until you revert back to Silver status.

For those Gold members who are stuck in the past, Just Cause 2 is free on Xbox 360 for the next 15 days. That’s a solid marketing technique by Square Enix, seeing as we’re sure to learn a lot more about Just Cause 3 on June 16 at the publisher’s press conference. #Brand #Synergy: Square Enix has it.

Massive Chalice, Just Cause 2 [Xbox]

Brett Makedonski
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