Hey Vegeta, how much is the Wii Jacket going to cost Nintendo? OVER $17 MILLION!

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The horrible Nick Chester informed us yesterday that Nintendo is giving away free protection covers for Wii owners (thanks to all of the Wiitards, no doubt). Well it apparently is going to cost Nintendo over $17 million to do this. Nintendo is expecting to send out at least 20 million of the Jackets in the US, Europe and Japan. People will be able to order up to four Jackets per Wii unit as well.

Nintendo also said that this “will not have any significant effect on them financially”. Considering that the Wiis are still hard to get and that they’re making money off of every system they sell (unlike their rivals who lose money on each unit), seeing that they’re not going to feel the pain from this is no surprise at all. Now I just have to wonder how long it will take for some jackass to complain that the Jackets aren’t durable enough and Nintendo has to release their next accessory to combat Wiitards: Giant Plastic Tarp Separator For Placing Between the User and T.V (TM). Or GPTSFPBUT for short. 

[Via Game|Life — Thanks, Justin!] 

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