Hey, Mr. DJ: Street Fighter II 12″ is here! And now it’s gone!

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If you thought that red thing up there was a Frisbee, you are young and I hate you. Unless of course you’re too young to know what a Frisbee is, either, in which case you can really get off my lawn. That there’s a 12″ LP, sonny — one that Capcom has just released for all you DJs out there who might like a little Hadoken with your WIKIWIKIWIKI

The record features a collection of vocal tracks and sound effects on side A, backed with stage themes on side B, all sampled from Street Fighter II. And in true vinyl fashion, the release has been limited to an incredibly short pressing of only 350 copies, which means they’re all long gone by the time you read this. I guess all we can do now is increase the frequency of our nights spent out clubbin’ in hopes that someone who actually managed to snag a copy will be in the DJ booth. Because admit it — we could all do with a little more clubbin’ in our lives, couldn’t we? Nah, I didn’t think so either. But you can go here and see some more pictures of it, at least.

In the meantime, any of you kids wanna play Frisbee?

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