Hey man…have you ever seen Minecraft…on Unreal 4?!

The lens flare is blinding

I’m starting to feel ridiculous writing all these Unreal Engine 4 posts. I mean, on one hand, they’re so easy to do, almost to the point where it’s not worth it. The common criticism is that they constantly just reference existing material, and don’t attempt to actually create anything new. But as a modder at heart, and someone who grew up in the ’90s PC era, I have a soft spot for homages. After all, this is still an original work, even if it’s taking a piece of something else. So here’s Minecraft in Unreal Engine 4 — it looks noticeably better.

Speaking of that series, I fully expect a Minecraft 2.0 announcement from Microsoft in the near future. That property didn’t come cheap, and it can hype it up and support the original game simultaneously over the course of multiple years, just like Notch did.

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