Hey Lugia, you feeling alright?

Stop right there Goers

Missingno. may not be a on the roster for Pokémon GO (although he should be, on coasts), it appears there are still glitches. This one involves one of the legendary Pokémon added recently, Lugia. The face of Pokémon Silver has been captured looking not so, well, legendary by some Japanese Pokémon GOers.

Otherwise this is perhaps a sign that The Pokémon Company is looking to take a new direction with some of their designs. Lugia may look ridiculous all spaghettified like it’s approaching a black hole, but it is no worse a change than when they phased out the fat Pikachu for the thin one with a clearly defined head. Just kidding this is glitch, but unfortunately new wave Pikachu is not.

Cory Arnold
Pretty cool dude in Japan. 6/9/68