Hey ladies! Play Fury and get laid!

Waste enemies, not time“. That’s the main thing the team behind Unleash the Fury have been adamant about whenever they talk about the game. With Auran’s newest ad, they make it pretty clear to which type of grinding is the best choice. 
Everyone knows how a relationship can die from WoW and other MMOs. With Unleash the Fury, you can jump in and out of battles and still have the desire to be with your loved one. Isn’t it just wonderful to know that there is a developer out there making sure you can keep your videogaming and love life perfectly balanced?
Seriously though, this game is pretty fun to play. I did get a chance with some hands-on while at EIEIO and was surprised that I got into it as much as I did. 
[Side note: Playing Fury will apparently make a guy blow dry their girlfriend’s hair too. AWESOME!
Hamza Aziz