Hey, Indonesia! Yea, you! Come get your PS3

Hello to all our Indonesian readers. I’ve got some good news for you. You can now buy the PS3 in your own country. Before, I assume, you could not, but now you can. Well, not now now, but later now. Those living in the fine country of Indonesia won’t be able to pick up the system until some time later this October, but when they can it’ll be time to throw on some baggy Hammer pants and celebrate Hammer Day every day of the week.

The fun won’t stop in your Indonesian household either. SCE Asia is bringing the PSP and the PSPgo to Indonesia as well. The PS3 (120GB Slim) will retail for Rp 4,499,000, with the PSP and PSPgo selling for Rp 2,599,000 and Rp 3,599,000 respectively. If my internet money converting calculations are right everyone in Indonesia will be paying $166 dollars more than they would in the states for a PS3. However, I’d always take the ability to buy something more expensive over the inability to buy that something at all. Any of our Indonesian readers going to be picking one up?



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