Hey Europe, Xbox LIVE is free this weekend

Ah, those Microsoft guys are such a giving bunch. Xbox LIVE is free in Europe this weekend. Why? Well, there’s a little event called Xtival a’coming.

We first heard about Xtival last week, when Capcom announced their official European Street Fighter IV tournament. So, if you’re thirsty to prove mad Ken skills but you’re unwilling to pay Xbox LIVE Gold fees, May 1 to 4 seems like the perfect time do so. Just watch out — other players will be rocking Championship Mode matches for a much longer period of time.

Of course, you could also play other games online as well. We suggest Halo 3. Nothing says Xbox LIVE more than a horde of potty-mouthed American 14-year-olds.

[via CVG]

Brad BradNicholson