Hey Ash, Whatcha Podcastin’: a few decent stories

If you’re not familiar with the moderately popular web series “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin‘,” we’re not really surprised. Still you may enjoy it — and if you do, you may also enjoy the official podcast from the show’s creators. 

I’ll be completely honest; this week’s HAWPcast was not that great. I have a cold and Ash was tired, so our third episode has none of the groovy flow or conversational attitude of last week’s; in fact, I ended up cutting out about half the show because it was full of conversations that never really went anywhere.

As a result, this week’s episode is less than thirty minutes long, but (hopefully) packed with enough decent stories to prevent you giving up on the podcast altogether.

You can listen to it here. If you wanna subscribe to the show via iTunes or Zune or whatever, there are some buttons on the side of that page that’ll allow you to do so.

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