Hexic 2 and Ecco the Dolphin on XBLA this Wednesday

This week’s Live Arcade games are the sequel to Hexic HD and a title that’s sure to make Chad Concelmo cry out shrieks of happiness: Hexic 2 (800 MS Points) and Ecco the Dolphin (400 MS Points).

Hexic HD was the first Live Arcade game for many of us and it actually provided for some fun times in a sea of mediocre launch titles. But, seeing as how Hexic 2 won’t be free like the original was, how will it compare? In any case, the multiplayer mode should be a nice addition:

Acclaimed developer: Hexic 2 is another challenging puzzle hit from Alexey Pajitnov, the original creator of Tetris®.
New challenges: All-new special pieces, different formations, and modes keep Hexic 2 challenging even for the veteran Hexic player.
Multiplayer competition: Amp up the gaming excitement playing multiplayer on the same console or over Xbox LIVE (up to two players) in Battle Mode.
Easy to learn: The gameplay is straightforward, approachable, and highly addictive.
Stunning visuals: The game is rendered in full 3-D with stunning special effects such as reflections, glow, and spectacular highlights.

Ecco the Dolphin should be a big hit with retro game fanatics thanks to the nostalgia factor:

Gamers can also travel through time this Wednesday with Ecco the Dolphin(SEGA), a fun, whimsical update of the classic undersea exploration game featuring an online leaderboard that tracks “Best Time,” and includes enhanced graphics and sound.

So what, you’re too good for bullet points now, Ecco? I hope you get caught and sold to SeaWorld where you will spend the rest of your life being pointed at by snot-nosed brats and mocked by your trainers. There, I said it.

Jordan Devore
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