Heroes Reborn gets two games, Gemini and Enigma

Throw cheerleaders at everyone

I’d forgotten Heroes was even a thing. The first series was great, but then I remember Netflix had problems with the subtitles in the second season so I stopped watching. Apparently that was a good idea, as no one liked how it went from there at all.

As it turns out, Heroes is coming back as a new TV show, and along with it we get two new games. Heroes Reborn Gemini is coming to consoles and PC, and Enigma is coming to mobile devices. Both are currently being developed by Phosphor Games, who you may know as the team behind Nether.

The trailer does admittedly look a bit janky and low-budget right now, but I’m alright with that. It’s worth pointing out that we can’t be sure exactly which game we’re seeing at the moment. It could be, and probably is, the console game, but it could also be the mobile game we’re seeing in the trailer. We don’t know for sure.

But with the promise of being given cool telekinetic powers, and many people to mow down, it’s got a bit of a TimeShift feel to it which I’m totally down for. Plus the trailer’s got that haunting moaning music, which was always my favourite bit of Heroes.

Right now I’m cautiously optimistic.

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