Heroes over Europe has ladies, here’s one to look at

It would be silly to create, or in this case, publish a World War II aerial warfare game without including pictures of damsels on the sides of the planes. Ubisoft is no clown. Aerial game Heroes over Europe is slated to hit this increasingly lonely September and with it comes not only hot airplane action, but also steamy bombshell girls. In the header — and in the gallery below — is an image of one of a pin-up in the game, which has been conveniently resized for wallpaper usage (1280 x 800).

If you’re down with another WWII title, give our preview of the game — when Atari was publishing it — a read. Heroes over Europe has players tackle a variety of non-fiction aerial conflicts. The planes are easy to control, the fighting is frantic, and the 16-player multiplayer component looks like it could put the game above the other offerings in the not-so-crowded genre.

Or you could just stare at the chick.

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