Heroes of the Storm’s Tracer has a near identical kit from her Overwatch base

And her heroic at level 1

Blizzard’s Overwatch is all set for a May release date, but we’ll be getting a crossover event well before that. According to Game Informer, the hero Tracer will be invading Heroes of the Storm in April. We knew she was coming, just not that soon.

In other new info, we’ve learned that her kit will be pretty versatile, and will mirror her abilities from Overwatch. She can blink (teleport), throw her pulse bombs, attack while moving (!) and even has a reloading mechanic instead of a mana pool to work with. She will also be the first hero in the game that can use her heroic (ultimate) ability at level 1. At higher levels you will merely refine the ability.

I’m really looking forward to trying her out, but I hope Blizzard gets to announcing more heroes at some point. A lot of people are speculating that we’ll see Kel’Thuzad and Mephisto this year. Also related to Heroes — Tychus and Gazlowe are getting a rework in the near future, and a number of characters will be tweaked later today.

Game Informer [via Reddit]

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