Heroes of the Storm’s Monk sure is versatile

Here’s the rundown on Kharazim

I’m excited for Kharazim to join Heroes of the Storm next week. If you haven’t yet played as the monk in the Public Test Realm, Blizzard’s spotlight video is a crash course on his versatility.

Kharazim can focus on extra damage, healing, or mana restoration early on, so you can adapt to the weird team compositions found in quickmatch. He’s able to dash to foes and friends alike, and his heroic abilities are powerful if timed correctly. Seven-sided strike deals seven percent of an enemy hero’s total health as damage seven times (but auto targets the hero with the most remaining health if there’s more than one within range), while divine palm can protect a teammate from death.

Positioning and timing are key, basically. He’s going to be a powerful support in the right hands.

Jordan Devore
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