Heroes of the Storm’s Medic patch is live, with a host of other changes

Small additions

In addition to the all-new StarCraft-based Medic support character, the newest Heroes of the Storm patch brings in a few other quality of life additions. The UI is now re-tooled to provide more information to the player, which includes a better buff and health layout, as well as an indicator for healing fountain use. Also, thank goodness, the loading screen has been updated like every other MOBA to show player information and party composition.

The “Try” mode (which allows players to test out heroes before buying them or for hardcore players to test DPS) is now more robust, with toggles for allies and cooldowns, as well as a level slider. There’s a ton of other changes that players should read up on, like the fact that the Garden Terror can now disable the core with their W, and that Infernal Shrines are now nerfed a bit.

Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes [Battle.net]

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