Heroes of the Storm might not have Deathwing, but now it has D.Va the Destroyer

It’s a skin, in case you were wondering

Deathwing has been a rumored Heroes of the Storm character for ages. I mean, he probably isn’t coming for a while, as Blizzard not only needs to figure out a kit for him, but how he would even work with his giant dragon model (granted, Azmodan is HUGE compared to the rest of the cast).

In the meantime, you can hit up D.Va the Destroyer, a new skin that just arrived in the shop. It’ll take either 2,400 shards per tint, you can find it randomly in legendary loot chests, and you can opt for a Destroyer Bundle for 1,260 gems (if you own D.Va the hero). This is partly why I love Heroes — it can consistently do weird crossover shit like this that no other Blizzard team would bother to do on a regular basis.

As a recap, Ana just came out (as did a new Overwatch stage), and Junkrat is set to get his own video overview this week.

All Shall Burn [Heroes of the Storm]

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