Heroes of the Storm introduces ‘Orphea,’ an original Blizzard character

And she hates the Raven Lord

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Blizzard kicked off BlizzCon right with a brand new original character reveal for Heroes of the Storm: Orphea. In the clip, Orphea is arguing with The Raven Lord (another original Heroes character) and does battle with her dark powers.

More details on Orphea will be announced later during the event, but for now, we know that she’s going to be free for BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders. Welp, people have been wanting playable original Heroes characters for a while and she seems to knock it out of the park!

Basic Abilities

  • Shadow Waltz (Q)
    After 0.5 seconds, deal 150 damage to enemies in a line. Hitting a Hero with Shadow Waltz sets its cooldown to 2 seconds, refunds 25 Mana, and causes Orphea to dash a short distance upon moving.
    • Cost: 25
    • Cooldown: 5
  • Chomp (W)
    After 0.625 seconds, deal 285 damage to nearby enemies in front of Orphea.
    • Cost: 60
    • Cooldown: 10
  • Dread (E)
    Release a wave of dread that deals 85 damage to enemies hit. Dread erupts 0.75 seconds after reaching the end of its path, dealing 175 damage and Slowing enemies in the area by 25% for 2 seconds.
    • Cost: 50
    • Cooldown: 14


  • Overflowing Chaos (D)
    Hitting an enemy Hero with a Basic Ability grants 1 Chaos. Chaos can stack up to 3 times. While Orphea has Chaos, her Basic Attacks against Heroes consume all Chaos, dealing 50% increased damage per stack, and healing for 100% of the damage dealt.

Heroic Abilities

  • Eternal Feast (R1)
    After 1.5 seconds, deal 210 damage in an area. Eternal Feast repeats every 1 second as long as it hits an enemy Hero.
    • Cost: 75
    • Cooldown: 50
  • Crushing Jaws (R2)
    After 1.25 seconds, pull enemies in an area towards the center, dealing 275 damage and Stunning them for 0.75 seconds.
    • Cost: 75
    • Cooldown: 50

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