Here’s your first real look at the Gloomhaven PC adaptation

Arriving on July 17 in Early Access form

Although publisher Asmodee Digital has been teasing various bits of Gloomhaven PC gameplay on Twitch, the first actual trailer just dropped, and so far it looks promising if you’re a fan of the tabletop game.

This version will launch with four playable characters in tow on July 17, with an emphasis on random dungeons. Eventually, the rest of the lot and the core campaign will be added. Actual models from the board game version? Check. The same hex-based movement and combat? All good. And card-based actions? Yep. It sure looks like Gloomhaven.

The cool thing about this whole project is that its main creator, Isaac Childres, basically spelled out all of the rules (many of which came with errata or an extended FAQ). So as long as Flaming Fowl Studios and Cephalofair Games are sticking to the core concepts, the entire blueprint is there.

If you have no idea what Gloomhaven is, I wrote all about the tabletop original and the upcoming adaptation here.

Chris Carter
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