Here’s your first look at Venom and Green Goblin in MUA 2

Below the fold, you can grab your first look at two previously announced characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Not Fusion. In one of the two teasers, you can watch Green Goblin whizzing around, dropping bombs, and doing something violent with metallic tentacles. In the other, you’ll see Venom doing his usual thing: killing dudes with his tongue.

The events — and possibly relationships — in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are inspired by Marvel’s “Civil War” story arc. The arc begins when an explosive fight between foes and heroes causes civilian casualties. The government reacts to the accidental massacre by creating the Super Hero Registration Act: a law that forces the gifted and evilly gifted to do something they may or may not want to do. Thus, conflict.

We’ve yet to receive anything proving to us that Vicarious Visions is responsibly handling the narrative, but we’ll stem the complaints for now: the awesomeness of Venom’s tongue has temporarily blinded us.

Green Goblin Teaser:

Venom Teaser:

Brad BradNicholson