Here’s your first look at Senran Kagura creator’s new Vita game in action

Introducing Uppers

Well now, this looks wild.

That was my initial impression of Uppers, the latest game from XSEED parent Marvelous.

With its over-the-top street fighting, the new brawler has a bit of a Yakuza feel to it. You know, if Yakuza were cel-shaded and full of panty shots — the sort of stuff we’ve come to expect from producer Kenichiro Takaki, the man behind the Senran Kagura series and  Valkyrie Drive.

While the PlayStation Vita exclusive is planned for an April 21 release in Japan, there’s currently no word on whether Marvelous has any plans to publish Uppers in the West.

Speaking with Destructoid in October just after the title’s announcement, XSEED executive vice president Ken Berry indicated his localization team was going to “need to get a better look [at Uppers and Valkyrie Drive] to see how much of an issue [their sexual content] will be in the US.

“We’re going to have to learn more about [them] to see if it’s even feasible to release [them] in the West as they are,” he continued. “Because, if we have to edit them down too much or censor too much content, then, at that point, we have to consider if it’s even worth doing. Because the fans that want the game, they want it uncensored, and censoring the content isn’t going to appease the people that had no interest in buying it anyways.”

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