Here’s where to find all five Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury stickers and net 100 easy Platinum Points

And remember, we have a full platinum guide

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is nearly here.

But before that launches, you can grab some quick My Nintendo Platinum Points for the newly minted physical rewards, and complete a mission for the new pin set in the process.

First, head to the main Bowser’s Fury landing site to start the quest. You need to find all five stickers to get the 100 point reward, and none of them are on the home page.

The first one is located on the “Play Together” page, near the middle. Mario is right above Captain Toad.

The explore page actually has two stickers. Toad is near the top of the page after the phrase “World 1.”

Luigi is near the bottom of the explore page, after the phrase “unlock even more fun with amiibo.”

The Super Bell is the fourth sticker, located on the Bowser’s Fury page. It’s right below the super-charged Giga Cat Mario image.

The last one, as is usually the case, is tucked away in the “buy now page.” Peach is right near the top, after the digital/retail edition choices.

As a reminder, here is a constantly-updated Platinum Points guide.

Chris Carter
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