Here’s what’s new with Vindictus

Vindictus has been out since October so this may be old news to some of you but I played it for the first time earlier today. I typically don’t like MMORPGs or most RPGs in general because the whole “let’s take turns hitting each other!” is annoying to me. Nexon’s Vindictus, however, isn’t really like what I was expecting and is more about the action. To the point that it reminded me a lot of Gauntlet.

Developer devCat Studios showed off some of the latest content to the free-to-play game such as PvP, new dungeons, a new playable character and new transformation powers for the heroes. I ran through a small dungeon as the new character who’s main weapon is a battering ram. Yeah, ridiculous. The oversized weapon was a perfect fit for the new guy as he’s over seven feet tall and 500 pounds of muscle.

Character’s come with standard and strong attacks and now the new transformation ability increases a player’s strength for a duration of time. While in the powered up state, players sport new glowing armor and weapons making them look like some sort of demi-God.

On top of some of the best looking graphics for a free-to-play game I’ve seen yet, the Source Engine allows for real physics so specific parts of your armor can be knocked off or you can destroy buildings around you. You can even do more than just hacking and slashing such as picking an enemy up by the neck and then repeatedly punching them in the face.

I can go on, but like I said, Vindictus has been out for awhile now so you can give it a whirl for free and judge the game for yourself.

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