Here’s what’s coming in the PS4 3.50 firmware update


Update: Hmm… the video has been switched to “private”. Hope you managed to see it before it was yoinked. Just as well I took ’em screencaps, eh?

If you’re not in Sony’s beta test, here’s a behind-the-scenes tour of what’s new in upcoming firmware update 3.50 for PlayStation 4.

You can appear offline and – ohmygodFINALLY – get notifications when people (or certain people) come online. 

If you have a burning desire to set up your own event, that too is coming your way with the next update. You can also check-in on the status of PlayStation Network Services via your console (although if PSN is down, you probably can’t access it…)

Anyway, here’s YouTuber Gtamen talking you through a comprehensive run-down of what’s new.

There’s no confirmation yet as to when we might see Firmware 3.50 in the wild, but we’ll keep you posted.

Take a tour of PS4 firmware update 3.50 [VG24/7]

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