Here’s what the fans picked for Radiant Historia’s CD art

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I may have played, beaten, and reviewed Atlus’ upcoming DS RPG Radiant Historia, but I had no idea what the box art, packaging and included music CD would look like. When I get preview code, it’s on an ulgy grey, bulky re-writable ROM that protrudes out of the back of my DS. Seeing what fans picked for in an Atlus poll for the CD art makes up for the weeks that I suffered with that ugliness. 

Good choice, people! Above you see the final art, chosen after eight days of voting from fans. Atlus said this one won by a landslide. 

This music pre-order bonus CD sounds as lovely as it looks, thanks to musical mastermind Yoko Shimomura. I can prove it with these sample tracks. Check ’em out.

Radiant Historia will be released on February 22. If you’re on the fence, even after seeing all of this, check out our review.

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