Here’s what Street Fighter V on PC looks like at max settings

Well, ain’t that something

This isn’t one of those posts where we throw a bunch of information or opinion at you. No, it’s one of those posts where we say “Look at this really shiny thing!” and you turn your brain off and grin at it. Magpies, all of us.

The Street Fighter V beta starts Friday evening for most everyone, but Capcom’s giving early access to some people. One such example is website PC Master Race who has a bad name but a good gameplay video. It was captured with everything cranked up to max settings, so you can really get the full effect of all those V-Triggers and bleating sheep.

Seeing as this video is meant to show off Street Fighter V at its very best, you’ll probably want to turn the YouTube resolution and frame rate up to 1080p60. Otherwise, it kind of defeats the purpose, right? You magpies didn’t come here to gawk at an unshiny object.

Epic Shots – Street Fighter V (Beta) [PC Master Race]

Brett Makedonski
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