Here’s what Gears of War: Ultimate Edition looks like on PC

Windows 10 Edition

We already covered Gears of War: Ultimate Edition at length in Brett’s wonderful review, but surprise — it’s coming out on PC too this month!

Well, sort of. If you can call Windows 10 “PC,” which a lot of you probably won’t. There’s no Steam support here, just you and the Windows OS. And a decent port. 

As you can see by way of the options menu above, most of the typical fixins are in. There’s 4K resolution support along with an unlocked framerate, which runs smoothly overall without any issues on my end. I always felt like Gears controlled better with a pad, but the mouse and keyboard works just fine, with an iron sights right mouse aiming setup.

If you opt for this version you’ll also net a deluxe weapon skin pack, 11 bonus multiplayer character skins, and the five extra chapters that were previously exclusive to the old PC edition. I wasn’t able to test multiplayer out, but the campaign works great, and it has all of its old charms and flaws intact. This build doesn’t seem to have split-screen support but it does allow for LAN or online co-op.

As a note, there are some “known” AMD issues that Microsoft has informed me of, that will be address “quickly,” but I can’t speak to them as I’m using Nvidia hardware. I’ve seen reports of it being pretty bad on AMD machines. 

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