Here’s the trailer for the upcoming UE5 fan remake of Resident Evil

Updated visuals without losing the B-movie cheese.

Resident Evil UE5: Jill Valentin walks through a hall in the Spencer Mansion.

While the original Alone in the Dark arguably set the scene for modern survival horror, Resident Evil is the one most think of when it comes to the genre. Capcom’s legendary series has endured and while official remakes have been hitting the ground running, fan projects have also been attempting to leave their mark.

Team Arklay has recently uploaded a trailer for its unofficial remake of the first Resident Evil entry. Simply called Biohazard RE1, the upcoming game is being made in Unreal Engine 5, and from what we can see in the footage, it looks pretty impressive.

While it’s fair to say it’s not exactly sporting photorealistic visuals, the post-cutscene moments definitely breathe new life into the OG RE. It should also be noted that this trailer is representative of work that’s currently in progress. As such, we can expect things to look even better further down the line.

A mix of old and new

What’s interesting about this fan remake is it seems to aim for the graphics of a more modern Resident Evil installment without compromising on some of that old horror movie cheese. The series has notably become a bit more serious and gritty over the years, so it’s nice to see Team Arklay keeping some of that goofiness.

Biohazard RE1 is still in development, with no projected release window yet. However, we know the game will give you the option to choose between the over-the-shoulder camera or go old school with a fixed camera perspective. Again, it seems to be going for a mix between classic and modern RE.

The future of Resident Evil is looking pretty good at the moment. Brand-new entries and official remakes have kept Capcom’s franchise fresh and exciting. There was a period in which the RE name was starting to lose focus. However, with the way things are going, a ninth mainline game is something fans will be looking forward to.

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