Here’s the top picks from this week’s PlayStation Store Europe sale

Hope you like dem zombies

Sony is serving up selection of tantalising treats in this week’s PlayStation Store sale. If Star Wars, shooting zombies, and, er, replaying the same missions over and over again are your thing, pay attention.

The Deal of the Week is the weirdly-excellent-if-weirdly-repetitive Destiny, which has dropped to £25, or £60 if you fancy yourself the Digital Guardian Edition on PS4. For PS3 it’s even cheaper, dropping to just £20 or £55.

There’s also a crapton of PS4 games for under £16 (yes, I agree, that is a very specific number) which includes the also excellent Alien Isolation, Worms Battleground, Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux. Watch_Dogs, Murdered: Soul Suspect and a load of MotoGP games are also on the roster.

You can also pick up Outlast for just a fiver. Which you should do, and then stream so we can all watch you play it. And then buy Slender: The Arrival for £8 and let us watch you play that, too.

Resident Evil HD is available for PS3 and PS4 for just £13 until May 6, and the fantastic Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 are also discounted from now until May 13.

Resident Evil Directors Cut and Resident Evil 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are also in the sale, as well as the PS One Classics bundle that gives you the first three Resident Evil games for a fiver. You can also pick up Code Veronica X for £6.50, and complete the collection with Darkside and Umbrella Chronicles, too.

You probably shouldn’t listen to me as I was possibly the only person who liked it, but Operation: Racoon City is also there for just £3.29. Just sayin’.

Rounding off the sale is a ridiculous amount of PS3 and PSP/Vita Star Wars games, including The Force Unleashed I and II, Battlefront II, Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes, Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith and Lego Star Wars II.

And Star Wars Pinball and Pinball 2. Obvs.

There’s also some games that have nothing to do with Destiny, zombies or Star Wars but my hand is hurting now so go here to check out the full details. Don’t forget, some games boast additional discounts for PS Plus subscribers.

Is there anything in the list that tempts you?

Oh, don’t forget to tell me when you’re gonna stream Outlast… heh.

Vikki Blake