Here’s the rundown on Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS, including amiibo packaging

It’s a generic case with a blocker

The $50 3DS Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition is set to arrive next week (along with the physical editions of the PS4 and Xbox One versions), and Capcom sent over a copy for perusal. Here’s all the info you’ll need.

For months amiibo collectors have been wondering if the figure would come in a separate case, and the good news is that it technically does — but it’s woefully generic, and doesn’t even have a label. On top of that, there’s a blocker in there to prevent you from using it through the box. Curiously the figure is only available in the bundle, and isn’t even coming to Europe.

Beyond that the special edition comes with six postcards of art from each game. Inside of the game case (meaning, everyone will get the following) are several stickers and a card with a code to download 18 tracks from the game’s soundtrack at this site, as well as two exclusive Mega Man 3DS themes.

In other words, if you don’t need the amiibo (which only collectors will, as the original Mega Man figure unlocks the challenges too), you can stick with the $30 standard edition, especially since the 11 challenges it unlocks aren’t anything to write home about. They’re just rehashes, albeit with cute themes like “Don’t Fall [in the series of pits]” and a Wily boss rush, but they’re mostly forgettable. A lot of you will probably be happy to hear that the amiibo content isn’t essential. Oh, and one more thing — I tested it by turning off my 3DS, and you’ll need to re-scan the amiibo to unlock them during each startup.

As for the game, it’s fine. It plays exactly how you’d expect, and I haven’t run into any major sound or slowdown issues yet. The 3D is very minimal though, and mainly used in the game’s menus or to pop out the background overlay during play — its effects during gameplay are almost non-existent, so don’t assume this is a 3D Classic pack or anything. There are, however, new pieces of art and retro ads to peruse in the museum.

Get a quick look at the challenges below.

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