Here’s the rundown on Battletoad Rash’s appearance in Killer Instinct, with a catch

It’s a timed test right now

Today, Microsoft announced Season 3 of Killer Instinct, set to debut next year on PC and Xbox One. But wait, there was another tidbit too — Rash from Battletoads will be playable today! Unfortunately, the reality is a little less exciting, and after checking the dashboard moments ago, actual details were revealed.

Evidently Rash will be playable from August 4 until September 8, at which point he will be removed from the game, presumably until the release of Season 3. This is a character test session, not a full release of a brand new character.

If you purchased Rare Replay (neat) or any Killer Instinct DLC, you can play as Rash. Currently the official FAQ is down, but the information is accessible in-game. We’ll bring you more on Rash as he rolls out.

Chris Carter
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